Your Timber Floors Are More Valuable Than You Realise

In the wake of recent logging restrictions being enforced or proposed throughout Australia, the importance of maintaining the floors in our homes has taken on new significance. As logging bans begin to affect the availability of certain types of wood, such as the renowned Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak, our existing wooden floors are becoming irreplaceable treasures. This piece aims to highlight the intrinsic and unique value of your home’s flooring and to mobilise you, the homeowner, to take decisive action to preserve this crucial asset.

Understanding the Impact of Logging Restrictions

Recent environmental legislation aimed at reducing deforestation and preserving biodiversity has led to strict logging restrictions being enforced or legislated throughout Australia.

These laws particularly target the harvest of certain local hardwood species previously favoured for their beauty and durability as flooring materials. As a direct consequence, floors made from these woods are not just becoming rare; they are becoming a finite resource in our homes.

The Economic and Aesthetic Value of Maintained Floors

Floors are a fundamental aspect of a home’s character and one of the first things potential buyers notice. Well-maintained floors can significantly increase a property’s market value.

Conversely, the cost and impossibility of replacing rare wood floors damaged by neglect can devalue a property. Regular maintenance preserves the quality and appearance of the floor, ensuring it remains a testament to your home’s worth.

The Cost of Neglect vs. the Benefit of Maintenance

Ignoring the needs of your flooring can lead to irreparable damage, which is more costly than ever. Logging restrictions means there is a scarcity of replacement materials which makes maintaining your timber floors not just a preventative measure but a necessary investment in the longevity and sustainability of your home. Simple steps such as regular cleaning, avoiding moisture exposure, and promptly addressing wear and tear can extend the life of your floors dramatically.

Practical Steps to Protect Your Flooring

  • Routine Cleaning: Regular cleaning with the correct products is essential to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime that can scratch wood floors.
  • Moisture Management: Immediately clean up any spills and avoid using wet mops that can leave excess water on wood surfaces.
  • Refinishing: Periodic floor sanding & polishing and refinishing can revive the appearance of wood floors and protect them from long-term damage.
  • Professional Assessments: Occasionally, bringing in a professional to assess your floors can help identify potential issues before they become severe.

Real-Life Success Stories

We have restored thousands of timber floors throughout Melbourne, Bayside and the Mornington Peninsula. Typically, these homes have Victorian Ash wood floors. These homeowners recognised the importance of preserving what will one day become a priceless asset. This not only maintained the home’s historic integrity but significantly increased its market value.

Regular maintenance and professional care helped preserve these floors, which one day soon may no longer be replaceable due to recent bans.

Vic Ash Floor Before


Vic Ash After


Baltic pine
130 year old Baltic pine boards that are now almost priceless.


A Call to Action: Advocating for Floor Conservation

Your floors are a vital part of your home’s structure and history. By taking active steps towards maintaining them, you contribute not only to the preservation of your home’s value and beauty but also to broader environmental conservation efforts.

Advocate for and support sustainable logging practices that ensure future generations can enjoy our natural resources responsibly.

The floors you walk on every day are more than just surfaces; they are a link to nature and a reflection of history.

Considering Australia’s recent logging restrictions, it has never been more crucial to act. By maintaining your floors, you ensure that this integral part of your home remains beautiful, functional, and valuable for years to come. Let’s step up to the challenge and treat our floors with the care and respect they deserve.


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